Best deer hunting tips

So if you are into deer hunting (or any other type of hunting just as well), you already know by now that some things you learn on your own, some things is better to follow as life’s too short to only learn the hard way.

The most important thing to consider when deer hunting is that human odor spooks any deer. Therefore, you need to shower with a scent-free soap before your hunt and to pay attention not to contaminate your clothes when hunting. You can place them in a sealed plastic container or bag with leaves, dirt or debris so the clothing gets a natural scent.

If you hunt during the peak-rut, a rag soaked in doe estrous might do the trick and the buck will likely follow the trail up to your stand.

A wise deer hunter also knows that it’s better to use an odor eliminator at the tree stand and to apply it to your body (hat and hair especially) when you are at the stand

Simple tricks do amazing things and, for a rainy hunt, you can use a piece of electrical tape over the end of the barrel to keep out moisture.

Keep in mind to practice setting up and taking down the tree stand before the season. Do it fast and quietly as you don’t want to be seen by the buck.

Get some help from Google maps for your hunting area and try not to trim shooting lanes or to disturb in any way your hunting area during the season.

Last, but not least, get the maximum concealment that you can get. Get the best out of the tree stand blinds to fool the eye of a deer.